How is a Bilateral Custody Evaluation performed?
A bilateral custody evaluation typically includes several interviews with each party, as well as psychological testing, parent-child observations, records review, collateral contacts and a specialized assessment of the child(ren) involved. At times, the evaluation may also include home visits, interviews with children, and/or additional assessment of additions and safety issues. A team approach is frequently used, depending on case need. 

What is Parent Coordination?
Parenting Coordination is a process that gives parents quick and easy access to a neutral decision maker who can resolve day-to-day problems about parenting issues as they arise. The goal is to minimize conflict and further court appearances.

What is involved in a Psychosexual Evaluation?
A Psychosexual Evaluation is a psychological evaluation that specifically focuses on past and present sexual behaviors. This often includes an evaluation of sexual risk. Psychosexual evaluations are often used in both legal proceedings and child custody assessments when concerns arise.

What is Chaperone/Supervision Training?
Chaperone/Supervision Training is a 4 hour course that provides information and sets guidelines to become an identified supervisor for individuals with risk of future sexual behavior. The content of the course includes statistics on sexual abuse, characteristics of sexual offenders, guidelines for problematic behaviors, and instruction on how to competently supervise. This course is often recognized by third party agencies such as the Department of Corrections and the Department of Social and Health Services. 

What is involved in a Competency/Capacity Evaluation?
A Competency Evaluation is often conducted prior to or during an ongoing trial. The purpose of the evaluation is to ensure all individuals has adequate knowledge of the legal proceedings they are involved in. Evaluations with our office typically involve a clinical interview and relevant psychological testing. An evaluative report is then produced and submitted to the court. Court testimony is also available if necessary.

Do you offer SSOSA/SSODA treatment?
Currently we offer individual sexual deviancy treatment. We hope to provide group treatment in the near future.

Do you administer polygraphs at your facility?
We do not administer polygraphs at our clinic but do have contact information for the polygraph examiners we recommend/work with most often.

What are the prices for your evaluations?
Evaluation costs can vary depending on the provider and the specific needs of the case.
Please contact our office at (360) 694-2016 to obtain the most accurate quote.